Week 12- Finally An Update…

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Its been 5 weeks since an update. So, what did you miss?

Back in week 7 the 1st place Cubs sat at 35-14 with just a 5 game lead over the Mets. In the past five weeks, the Cubs went 22-13 and remain in 1st place by 14 games. Wait? What happened? Well, the Mets lost their way slightly. Over the past five weeks the Mets lost 25 games… Ouch!! The Mets now sit at 40-44 in 4th place. So, who’s in 2nd? Remember those Phillies and Royals I kept making fun of? Yep, the Royals got HOT! The Royals have gone 21-14 and the Phillies been playing average ball going 17-18 but it’s good enough to be tied with the Royals for 2nd at 43-41. What about the basement dwellers? At the end of week 7 the Marlins and White Sox were tied 17-32. Over the past five weeks the Marlins went 18-17 and now sit at 35-49. The White Sox went 17-18, now sit at 34-50.

Second place to sixth place is now only separated by 8 games with 56 left on the schedule. Safe to say, the hottest teams will advance to the second season.

Who loves the long ball? Dozier (PHL) & Arenado (NYM) do! They share the lead league with 21 dingers each….  On the pitcher side Syndergaard (NYM) leads with 120 K’s…. The Mets lead the league with 151 team HR’s, 39 more then the Cubs… The Cubs lead in strikeouts with 786, 126 more then the Phillies.

Here is the week 13 schedule:

3 GAME   Week 13       Week 13   4 GAME  
  Mets @ White Sox       Mets @ Cubs  
  Phillies @ Royals       White Sox @ Royals  
  Cubs @ Marlins       Marlins @ Phillies