2018 Winter Meeting

Representing the teams were Paul (Cubs), Chuck (Mets), Mike (Royals), John (Phillies) & Bob (White Sox). The Miami Marlins weren’t represented.

The meeting went the same as usual, the White Sox came in with 45 rule changes, of which 3 were approved. The rest of the league came in with 3, which 2 were approved.

The changes:

  1. Once a SP actual MLB starts plus starts missed due to injury equals 32, the SP will have a max injury of 6.
  2. Once a hitters MLB games played plus missed games due to injury equals 162, the hitter will have a max injury of 3.
  3. Home team owners can roll for being fatigued after the pitcher completes his tired inning rather then rolling before taking the mound the following inning.
  4. Playoff teams will be reduced from 4 teams to 3. Seeds 3 & 2 will play with the winner playing seed 1 for the championship.
  5. A toilet bowl type of contest will be added with the same format. Seeds 5 & 6 will play with the winner playing seed 4 for the 1st round pick.
  6. With the 1st & 4th seed only playing one playoff game, player usable for the 1st & 4th seed has also changed:
  • SP with 12-22 MLB starts will be able to start 1 game.
  • SP with 23-27 MLB starts will be able to start 2 games.
  • Hitters for all teams will get a full two week usage.

7. Relief pitcher usage will decrease from 20% to 10% for the 1st & 4th seed & to               15% for the 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th seeds.

8. Stating in 2019 the league will reduce to a 65 man roster.

On some other news & notes…

I have updated most of the website to get it ready for the 2018 season. Most importantly though, all of the charts have been updated to reflect our rule changes. They can be found here… https://stratthis.wordpress.com/charts/

The new schedule is posted… https://stratthis.wordpress.com/schedule/

With time pending before we start, im going to work on putting our rosters and drafts on the site.

The draft is scheduled for the 27th @ 5 pm with the White Sox on the clock….




A Year In Review

It all started with Phillies first ever draft pick after relocating from Tampa Bay….

With the 1st pick overall the Phillies select Aaron Sanchez. The draft ended with the Mets taking Trevor Story 36 picks later, but that wasn’t the end, it was just the start of the 2017 season.

Opening week- The Cubs get the Mets, who previously beat them in the World Series. The Cubs would take the revenge game 2-1. But with the bigger headline, the Phillies went 6-1 to claim the top spot in the standings. Could a possible worst to first finish be in the works?

The Phillies got swept the following week by the Cubs & Mets. The Cubs and Mets both finished the week at 12-2 and the battle begun. Over the next two weeks ( 3 & 4) the Cubs piled on 11 more wins to take a 7 game lead over the Mets.  The Mets got hot after that picking up 11 wins of their own  to pull within 2 games of the Cubs through week 6. Are there other teams in this league? Why yes, but they were just staying steady, the Phillies stayed in 3rd, the Royals in 4th and the White Sox and Marlins played battle of the basement.

Starting in week 7 things started to separate, the Cubs won 5 games a week over the next 3 weeks, where the Mets won 3 each week. At the completion of week 10 the Cubs compiled a 49-21 record, 11 games over the Mets. While the Mets started to slip the Royals and Phillies stayed consistent and consistently started to catch up to the Mets. The Royals now only trail the 2nd place Mets by 2 and the Phillies trail the Mets by 4. The Marlins and White Sox continue to play cat and mouse.

Onto the second half of the season, what should we expect? The Cubs to come back to earth? After all how does a team start 3 lefties in a 6 team dynasty league and have the best record? The preseason favorite Royals to come back? The powerful Mets to blast his way to the top?

In week 11 none of the above except the Phillies did exactly what they did at the start of the first half of the season and won 6 games to jump into 2nd place. The Mets continue to drop winning 2 of their next 14. The Phillies, Mets and royals would keep it tight between 2nd and 4th until week 14 where the Royals & Mets separated themselves from the Phillies by 6 games with a 51-47 record but still trailing the Cubs by 15, who at this point has only been playing .500 ball.

Then tragedy struck the owners and their families multiple times shortening the season by 42 games. In a shorten season we would only see the homerun leader Nolan Arenado (Mets) hit 22 HR’s and Strikeout leader Noah Syndergaard (Mets) only K 148. To give an idea how powerful the Mets were, they had 176 team HR’s through 98 games. To prorate that for the leagues 140 game schedule, that would give them 251 HR’s and to prorate for MLB’s 162 game schedule, that be 291 HR’s. The MLB record is 264 set by the 1997 Seattle Mariners.  The Cubs led the league in pitcher K’s with 912 led by their trio of lefties, Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill and Jon Lester.

With the league already losing 42 games, the playoffs shall go on….

In round one the 4th place Phillies squared off with the 1st place Cubs. The Cubs took the first two games at home, then in game three the Phillies jacked a walk off 3 run HR in the bottom of the 9th. The Cubs would go onto win the next two in Philly to take the series. This would be the Cubs third straight year going to the World Series and the franchises (previously Rangers) 5th year in a row and 6 of the past 7.

The Mets would take on the Royals. The match up between these two cubs were as close as their tied records indicated. This series would go 7 games with the Mets winning the last two games to face the Cubs for the second year in a row.

In game 1 the Cubs came out hot scoring the first 3 batters in the lineup and held the lead until the top of the 9th where closer Kenley Jansen gave up a 2 run HR to go into extras. The score would only stayed tied for two innings. Bottom of the 11th, lead off batter Jason Kipnis singled to right field, next Mookie Betts hit a light grounder down the line to move Kipnis to second, after another ground out Elvis Andrus made the biggest clutch hit of his strato life to win the game. #FlytheW

Game 2- The Mets blast a 2-run shot in top of the third to strike first but the Cubs would answer back quickly in the bottom of the third with 1. One thing we have learned in the past with Kershaw (Cubs), don’t pitch him past 6! Well sure enough he gave up a 3-run shot in the 7th to seal the game for the Mets 5-2. #LGM.  Series tied at 1.

Game 3- The series moved to NY. The Cubs stuck early and often scoring in the first four innings 1-2-1-1, that doesn’t include an instant review of a HR hit by Yo Darvish that was called back (ok, I misread the card). The Cubs would go onto win this one 6-2. #FlytheW. Cubs up 2-1

Game 4- BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That’s the sound of the Cubs flat lining. The Mets scored 3 in the bottom of the 5th and that’s all they would need. Mets win 3-0. #LGM Series tied at 2.

Game 5- BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The Mets would return the favor! The Cubs 4 -run 7th would seal this game 5-0. #FlytheW Cubs one game away!

Game 6- Back to Chi-town! The Cubs Jon Lester vs the Mets Big Sexy! This was definitely not a pitching duel! Cubs strike first with one in the bottom of the 1st. The Mets answer back quickly in the top of the 2nd with a BIG SEXY solo HR. (BIG SEXY just looks better in caps)! That must have upset the Cubs as they scored 3 in the bottom of the 2nd, now 4-1. Top of the 4th, Lester gave up 3 more runs with no outs, his night was over. The bullpen took over and and only gave up one run in twice amount of innings. The Cubs wouldn’t give up, scoring 2 more in the bottom of the 4th to lead 6-5. The Cubs would add 2 more in the 7th and 1 in the 8th to finish off the Mets 9-5.


The Cubs/Rangers franchise are now 50% in their last 6 World Series appearances beating the White Sox 4-3 in 2011 thanks to trade deadline day trade of newly HOF member Jim Thome for a third round pick.

Losing to the Royals  4-2 in 2013, thanks to some crazy dice.

Losing to the A’s 4-3 in 2013. A 23 inning game wiped out my part timers.

Comeback tour with the new franchise move to Chicago. Cubs over Royals 4-2.

Comeback tour over, Mets (previously the A’s) beat the Cubs 4-1

And comeback tour back on Cubs over Mets 4-2.


Week 12- Finally An Update…

Image result for playing stratomatic

Its been 5 weeks since an update. So, what did you miss?

Back in week 7 the 1st place Cubs sat at 35-14 with just a 5 game lead over the Mets. In the past five weeks, the Cubs went 22-13 and remain in 1st place by 14 games. Wait? What happened? Well, the Mets lost their way slightly. Over the past five weeks the Mets lost 25 games… Ouch!! The Mets now sit at 40-44 in 4th place. So, who’s in 2nd? Remember those Phillies and Royals I kept making fun of? Yep, the Royals got HOT! The Royals have gone 21-14 and the Phillies been playing average ball going 17-18 but it’s good enough to be tied with the Royals for 2nd at 43-41. What about the basement dwellers? At the end of week 7 the Marlins and White Sox were tied 17-32. Over the past five weeks the Marlins went 18-17 and now sit at 35-49. The White Sox went 17-18, now sit at 34-50.

Second place to sixth place is now only separated by 8 games with 56 left on the schedule. Safe to say, the hottest teams will advance to the second season.

Who loves the long ball? Dozier (PHL) & Arenado (NYM) do! They share the lead league with 21 dingers each….  On the pitcher side Syndergaard (NYM) leads with 120 K’s…. The Mets lead the league with 151 team HR’s, 39 more then the Cubs… The Cubs lead in strikeouts with 786, 126 more then the Phillies.

Here is the week 13 schedule:

3 GAME   Week 13       Week 13   4 GAME  
  Mets @ White Sox       Mets @ Cubs  
  Phillies @ Royals       White Sox @ Royals  
  Cubs @ Marlins       Marlins @ Phillies